Natixis in Portugal

Guarantees efficient and integrated management of support areas, through PT Empresas’ BPO Services.

Natixis in Portugal

Natixis is the international corporate and investment banking, asset management, insurance and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the second largest banking group in France, with 31 million clients spread over two retail banking networks, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne. With more than 17,000 employees in 38 countries, Natixis operation is organized into four main business areas: Asset & Wealth Management, Corporate & Investment Banking, Insurance and Specialized Financial Services.

In 2017, Natixis installed its IT Center of Expertise in the city of Porto, where all the IT services that were previously provided by external suppliers or geographically dispersed are now centralized. Natixis IT Center of Expertise in Portugal, which currently has more than 300 employees and aims to create more than 600 direct jobs until the end of 2019, is a technological center that provides innovative solutions for Natixis business operations worldwide.


Nathalhie Risacher, Senior Country Manager of Natixis in Portugal, states that “Portugal is nowadays a country with high technological skills, allied to an atmosphere that is attractive for investment, allowing the access to highly qualified and specialized services and resources, with efficiency gains, which made us bring our Information Technology and Systems Excellence Centre (SI/TI) to Porto.

So that we can ensure all support services to our Information Technology and Systems Excellence Centre, with high quality, we have decided to approach a Portuguese partner that is highly qualified in service outsourcing.”


PT Empresas’ BPO Services ensures end-to-end management and operation of support functions for the activities of Natixis IT Center of Expertise in Portugal:

  • Human Resources - registration, salary processing and expenses management of all Natixis employees in Portugal.
  • Financial and Treasury - financial management of accounting operations (with mapping of 5 international accounts plans) and taxation in Portugal and France, financial and management reporting (BI), account consolidation, global treasury management, payments and receipts.
  • Purchasing - support in RFP elaboration, market consultation, products and services purchase, and procurement management.
  • Tranverse and Compliance - design and optimization of processes and procedures to support operation activity and continuous process improvement.



According to Rui Veloso, Head of Finance of Natixis in Portugal, "support areas are strategic for the success of Natixis’ operation, which is growing and expanding its activity. By having a specialized partner with know-how to ensure, in a coordinated and integrated way, the management and operation of all support activities of our IT Excellence Center, we do not have to assign internal resources and we can be totally focused on our core activity.
Outsourcing support functions provided by a highly experienced and trustworthy partner also allow us to guarantee best practices in operations management.

Therefore, we can speed up processes, optimize resources and ensure an integrated management of all support components, based on advanced information management systems which guarantee that all processes are properly treated. Simplification, transparency and optimization of operational processes are also guaranteed as well as a rigorous fulfillment of established goals and deadlines, with efficient cost management.

Furthermore, we ensure the dimensioning of technical and human resources according to the evolving needs of our activity, with the required level of competence. We rely on an experienced team that ensures the application and compliance with all legal requirements, not only of our country – namely, in accounting and tax management, financial management and human resources - but also in alignment with specificities, legal requirements and regulatory french frameworks, ensuring continuous monitoring of service levels, with regular production of reliable and rigorous management indicators.

At the end of the first year’s operation, the assessment of the service provided, process design and implementation is very positive, with full compliance with the agreed service levels within all intervention areas.

In terms of human resources management, between March 2017 and 2018, more than 800 salaries and about 450 reimbursements of expenses to employees were processed.

Concerning accounting and financial management, more than 14,000 accounting records and more than 4,000 treasury movements were processed as well as approximately 100 internal tax and procedural management reports, with regulators and other portuguese and french entities, together with the registration, maintenance and mapping of five account plans in diverse portuguese and french application formats.

As far as logistic is concerned, PT Empresas team ensured, during the first year, the management of more than 950 procurement processes and around 200 national and international suppliers, using a platform that allows an end-to-end management of purchase process and suppliers’ chain, which reverted in estimated savings of 25%, through the negotiation processes.

Finally, around 20 processes related to financial, procurement and human resources activities were defined and designed with clear results in terms of streamlining, simplification and operational optimization.

We are proud to hold an IT Center of Expertise located in the city of Porto, which provides advanced IT support to Natixis' operations throughout the world and which is continuously growing internationally. In order to focus on our technology center’s high performance, we rely on a specialized partner, PT Empresas, to ensure that all support functions are always fully assured and aligned with Natixis strategy in Portugal ", concludes Rui Veloso.


  • Optimization and integration of all management components.
  • Flexible resources management.
  • Efficiency and reduction of operating costs.
  • Service quality.